Kickass Personal Branding
Kickass Personal Branding

About Kriszta

Personal Branding Instructor


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  • Content Strategy



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  • Personal Branding is the game of "Who the f*ck are you?"
  • Don't be lame!
  • I can't see you. Are you a business ninja?
  • You have the magic wand to define yourself!

credibility is a bitch... so, here is some background info


My name is Nagy, Krisztina

But you can call me KRISZTA. I teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to build their own kick ass personal brand and get the awareness and recognition they deserve. 


What can you expect from me?

Clients say that where I pop up, I turn things upside down, but rest assured it’s never “just because.”  My suggestions help to develop effective and efficient processes and point you in the direction of the goal you want to reach.


What is my background?

I am an adult education specialist, a marketing and advertising manager and a close combat instructor 3 in 1. In the last 10 years I've been supporting more than 10 thousand entrepreneurs to take the next step in their career and business and elevate their bottom line.