Kickass Personal Branding
Kickass Personal Branding

Don't be lame!

The basics


What is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is your visibility vest in the business world. If you want to be a visible, believable, and remarkable entrepreneur or small business owner you need to build a kickass personal brand. That's your way to get the recognition and awareness you deserve. You have a strong personal brand when people know exactly what to expect from you.


Who needs it?

Everybody has a personal brand. But as an entrepreneur it's vital that you take yours into your own hand and always control the narrative. If you don't build it consciously and continuously it's not going to support your personal and business goals, just going to sit there collecting dust.


Is it complicated to start?

Not at all! You are going to do what you would be doing anyway but be more mindful about it and "keep records". Since other people can't read your mind they will only know what you tell them about yourself. You control the outcome because you are going to tell them what to think and remember, and to be excited about you.


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